What is Tai Zhang Dao?


Tai Zhang Dao (pronounced tie-jung-dow and in Chinese translates to “The Extreme Cane”) is a style of personal protection, incorporating Tai Chi and Qigong internal martial arts principles, that effectively employs an ordinary cane for personal protection and wellness in a proactive manner that is unavailable anywhere else.

Created by a Senior and World Traveler Who Understands Your Needs and Limitations

The Tai Zhang Dao (TZD) concept for the style was originated by a senior like yourself, who travels extensively, and then further improved it with the assistance of Master Wei Lun Huang from Miami, FL and Master Buck from Revolutionary Martial Arts of Venice, FL.

The idea behind the style was to create a method of personal protection for older people who suffer from the infirmities and limitations brought on by aging. This will enable you to strengthen and use your bodies inherent abilities to not only defend yourself effectively against violence but to help you increase your wellness.

Other criteria of the style is that it would involve showing you such things as:”how to move” and “how to increase the power of your strikes” naturally in a Tai Chi and Qi gong manner, be easy to learn, and do so in a short amount of time. 

One of the nicest features for Seniors is that it involves learning how to use a”tool that many of you already have” or could have in your hand all the time when you leave home….that of an ordinary cane. It’s always handy, unlike a gun or knife, doesn’t need a permit, and is as effective as a baseball bat.

You can help us in our goal by spreading the word to all your friends, family,  and people you know. Everyone has a one or more Seniors in their family and they need to know about this NOW!

So please do them a favor by sending them all a short email telling them about this website and let them come and sign up. DO IT TODAY! as it might help save someone from serious injury or worse in the near future!

 “The Strength of a Warrior Lies in His Gentleness.” 

 Sitting Bull saying

Perhaps this virtue can be summed up by the Dalai Lama who often says; “my religion is very simple, my religion is kindness.” In life, it is far more important to be kind than to be right, and to be kind rather than important.

Gentleness is an umbrella for forgiveness, acceptance and love. It is much like the yogic term ahimsa, or non-violence. When we give up being right and being superior, we start accepting ourselves and others, and so much conflict in our lives drops away.

Helping You to Protect Yourself Against Violence Where You Live, Work or Travel.”