Mission Statement


“The mission of the Tai Zhang Dao (TZD) is to be a beacon of light to spread the word of not only how people can protect themselves from violence but to take it further to show them how to improve the quality and longevity of their lives through Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).”

We originally started off with just trying to help people defend themselves using a cane. Now, as we grow and learn more about how easy and important it is to have a healthy lifestyle, we want to share this knowledge to all who are concerned with the same goals as we have embraced.

We have learned that one of the oldest civilizations in the world has been doing this effectively for over four thousand years using Qi Gong and TCM. The Western world has recently become aware of this, as have we. We are now trying to do our part to spread the knowledge.

Western medicine and some charitable foundations (who obtain Government grants and donations from the public) frequently say that are no cures or treatments for a lot of the diseases prevalent in our society. Nothing can be further from the truth. 

Preventative Lifestyle

Eastern Medicine (particularly in China) techniques of living a preventative lifestyle have been successfully preventing,  treating, and curing these same diseases for several millennia. Not only that, it involves far less expense, less suffering, and has a greater effectiveness than those in the West. This is not just theory but backed up by scientific research which the West has recently started embracing with their “Integrative or Comparative” practice of medicine.

Look into the wellness emphasis of the Chinese Healing Information Exchange to see for yourself. Learn about the Chinese culture and be able to download Free PDF eBooks.

To further your ability to heal yourself of various ailments or to learn about a preventative lifestyle, visit AsianWellnessWith Sui.com and her online Zoom lessons.

Helping You to Protect Yourself Against Violence Where You Live, Work or Travel.”