Advanced TZD Course

 Secrets of the

Tai Zhang Dao Style

(The Advanced Instructor Course)


Intro to the Advanced Cane Course

What You’ll Find Inside This Course

  • You can now learn at home and it is the same course we teach in our Dojo at a fraction of what you would pay to learn from an instructor or if you came to one of our Instructor Seminars. 
  • In it, among other things, you can learn the Tai Chi secrets of how to move better, learn how to use deception and distraction to gain a “first strike” capability and last but not least learn how to use Windmill Warrior techniques to devastate your opponents.
  • You will learn not only the moves, but the theory and background of how, why and when to use them. It’s the closest and easiest way to learn at home if you can’t find a local TZD instructor to teach you.

What Can You Expect From This Course?

What you’ll get is a complete and most advanced course we have with videos, PDF eBooks, eReports and text…(a total of 10 modules) … that contains the the heart and soul of Tai Zhang Dao (TZD) with how to use your cane for personal protection.

  • 28 (Twenty-eight!) training videos (over 5 hours worth).
  • Links to external resources
  • 7 downloadable PDFs
  • 4 downloadable eBooks
  • PLUS: All the files from the Basic Course (which is a prerequisite for the Advanced Course).
  • Finishing this course qualifies you to be called a Windmill Warrior! And…eligible to become a TZD Certified Instructor.
  • See full Advanced Course outline

And, it is not just for men, but ideal for women too!

Unless you are restricted to a wheel chair or don’t have mobility, you will probably have no problem learning TZD.

The Advanced Course goes “way beyond the basics” with such things as “Walk Away Strikes” designed to disable your opponents, learning how to strike from various positions, learning how to develop accuracy in “poking to a point,” learning how to utilize Bruce Lee’s “offensive defense” with first strike capability among other things.

Why Would Someone Want to Take the Advanced Course?

Benefits of the Advanced Course:

  • After finishing the course, you will be qualified to refer to yourself as a “Windmill Warrior” and part of an elite group. 
  • You will learn a skill which will follow and protect you for the rest of your life.
Regular price: $250.00 discounted 30%
Special Offer for the Course: $175.00 
shifu Wei Liam

Thanks for purchasing this course. I know you will find this course quite thrilling to learn because how it is different from the usual martial arts styles. In a street altercation there are no rules and that is what is taught in these courses. The skills you acquire will give you the confidence to travel in safety and not become a victim. Please be sure to pass the word along to your friends whom you think would be interested in something like this.

Bill – The Windmill Warrior

“Helping You to Protect Yourself Against Violence Where You Live, Work or Travel.”